- The basic element of BIOSSOL scaffolds is the prefabricated shoring frame made up of steel tubes. Each frame is of standard width of 1.20m. and of height either 1.20m or 1.80m. Orders for higher frames of 2.00m, 2.20m, or even 2.50m can be made.

- Shoring frames can be erected in single towers with a cross section area of 1.20x1.50m, by means of tubular cross braces.

- An  exclusive patented safety lock,  secures the connection between the cross braces and the frames. In its vertical position the design eliminates any possible movement or slip.

- Special joint pins are used for the vertical connection of the shoring frames.

- Supporting towers can be based either on a steady base plate or on a screw jack with the ability of vertical adjustment. Similar screw jacks, but with a special U-head for the timber are placed on the top end of the tower.

-With the combination of the adjustable screw jacks and the shoring frames of 1.80 m or 1.20 m height, towers can be erected up to any required working level.

- Any unskilled labour team can erect these towers with amazing rapidity.

-BIOSSOL shoring frames are of the highest quality, coated with a special rust proof paint for protection against adverse climate conditions.

-Each element of the scaffolding material has been tested in the "Strength of materials Laboratory" of the National Technical University of Athens.

-Maximum load capacity for each tower is 8000 kp with a safety factor of 3:1.